What is divorce coaching?

Divorce hurts, simply because you need to go through ALL of the grieving stages plus deal with feelings of rejection, inadequacy or guilt. While you are on this emotional roller coaster, you are making major decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Divorce Coaching helps you get through the emotional turmoil of divorce and move forward in life with less stress and more confidence.

It provides you with a safe haven, with no judgement, as you face your issues or fears and make the transition from married to single again.

My goal is to help you through this time of traumatic transition and support you in finding the road to your new life during and after divorce.

You’re not alone, and you will not only survive this difficult time in your life, you will make the most of it, and emerge a stronger, wiser, more completely defined person.

“Small steps over time lead to great distances.”

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