Are you struggling to move forward in your life? Are you still plagued by what your ex is up to? Do you spend too much time thinking about what might have been rather than what is?

Are you still feeling bitter, resentful and sad about your break up? Is a part of you stuck and unable to break the grip of your ex partner or the failure of your marriage?

Many people struggle with this, especially if you spent a long time with your ex or you are a particularly emotional or deep feeling person. If you are devoting all of your energy to what might have been you are not focusing on what still might be. Your break up really can be your break through but you have to be able to see that.

For whatever reason, your marriage or relationship has broken up. If it wasn’t your decision then you might still be feeling bewildered, hurt and stuck – caught in the grip of what might have been.

If it was your decision, then it might be a little easier, but what if now it’s happened you feel you’ve made a mistake? You haven’t made the right choice and you’re regretting it.

In order to move on to a positive future you have to be able to put your ex in the past, where they belong – cutting the ties means you are free to travel forward on your own path, instead of being stuck in the past.

At surviving divorce we will work together to unravel any low self-esteem, low self-respect,

any mistrust of the opposite sex, any insecurity, feelings of failure and any sexual issues. We will investigate any patterns in picking the same kinds of partner. We will uncover any Inability to trust yourself to make good choices. In short we will get to the bottom of why you can’t move forward.

Then we will strengthen you, we will help you reclaim your personal power, we will restore your self esteem and self respect. We will build your confidence and self worth and have you recognizing all the good in your life. We will rediscover who you used to be before your break up and we will re-establish strong personal boundaries and fill up your emotional cup, so that you move forward a stronger, more powerful, happier you. Better than ever before.

If you gift yourself the time to commit to this journey, you will feel more positive, more magnetic more enthusiastic and more in emotional balance than ever before.

You will prepare yourself to either find a new lover or to embrace the single life until the right person comes along.

Clearing the past will bring you back full circle to your truth, your strength, your integrity, and most importantly your happiness, to know yourself well and to stand behind yourself no matter what.

Regardless of how awful or toxic our break up was we truly can leave it behind and find happiness and contentment again. We can transform any negative experience into something that sustains and strengthens us. And I mean no matter how awful or toxic. We are often more resilient and adaptable than we give ourselves credit for.

Get in touch today and let me help you break the grip of your past love.