Getting divorced can be a challenging and painful experience, but it can also be an empowering one that provides you with a greater knowledge of yourself and your strengths and abilities.

Rather than seeing your divorce as a failure, you should try to see it as a life experience which can provide you with important lessons. If taken advantage of, these life lessons can allow you to live your life more authentically as a better more evolved version of yourself.

While the idea of celebrating this difficult and emotionally draining event may seem confusing and unappealing to some, Divorce Parties are an increasingly popular way for recently separated individuals to kick off the start of their new lives.

Some people consider a Divorce Party as a way to mark the end of the pain and suffering that comes with a divorce. It’s an opportunity to vent, to cry, to laugh or to shout – whatever you need to do, in the company of loving friends and family.

A Divorce Party can provide the ritual we humans need to cope with any difficult life transition. Rituals provide comfort and community.

A Divorce Party can either be thrown by friends to show their divorcing pal that they are supported, loved and not alone. Or can be thrown by the newly divorced person to thank all the people who stood by them through their ordeal.

Many divorcees find it cathartic to burn their wedding dresses or have their rings melted down into new jewellery commemorating their divorce.

The party is also an opportunity to announce your new status in life. You are now single and available for new experiences. A whole new phase of life is just beginning. And that is something to celebrate!

There are many businesses making the most of this divorce party trend, with divorce cakes, divorce accessories and decorations and some companies who will even arrange your divorce party for you. It looks like divorce parties are here to stay!

It is great to find relief in celebration, but take care not to be too vengeful in your celebrations. In my opinion a party should be a celebration of a positive new beginning not an excuse to completely trash your ex. Move on from the past and focus on a fantastic new future. Cheers!